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Hi for all those finding their way here . The latest Krakli Plugins (most released this year  – 2016) can be found at



The Contemporary Sounds of Krakli

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I’m not sure why I didn’t post this before but here is a great Youtube Video from Axonaut which makes great use of EZ-poly and Richman2.. I too was struck down with Disco Fever so some of the costumes are a little too close to home!

Ugo’s new website and the arrival of Rez3

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I am pleased to link here to Ugo audios new website. Ugo is a great guy and I have always had massive respect for what he is able to achieve with Synthedit, many of his plugins are complimentary to the Krakli range but it is also interesting to see where the similarities and differences are in concepts and designs..

If you do visit his website please make sure that you pick up rez3 which is highly regarded by the music community already, and support Ugo by purchasing the sound-banks for it.

I also found Ugos bio very interesting and especially liked the way that he described himself as a designer of plugins rather than a developer. Anyway get over to now and check it out..

Krakli Music…

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I have discovered the joys of Soundcloud and have posted a selection of Krakli music at some of these were remixes using a few Krakli plugs along the way, and some are covers using all Krakli Plugs, there are a few original compositions in there as well. Anyway take a listen and feel free to add comments to the tracks as you see fit..

Return of the YAVA !!

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OK, so its been far too long without anything new falling out of the windows at Krakli towers. So I am starting work on YAVA3.. Unlike normally when I start to post about a synth as it is reaching release, with YAVA3 all I have at the moment is a series of paper sketches of the architecture and some broad GUI ideas..
So what can you expect to see, well howzabout:

  • 4 oscillator lines each with dual oscillators, multiple waveforms and multiple modulation sources.
  • ADSR enveloping of the oscillators before the filter
  • two filter banks each of which sharing their internals with the filters from S3K and R.I.P.
  • Oscillator Sync but also Oscillator cross modulation with various configurations.
  • 3 modulation LFOs
  • 3 Modulation Envelopes
  • 4 keyscale controls (similar Stringz2)
  • Full stereo output paths, with multiple effects and mixer sections

So I am hoping to post a running commentary on this one and I have a pretty good idea of the final concept so I am not expecting this project to fizzle out as some other recent ones have ..

Brett Domino Christmas Song

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I am a huge fan of Brett Domino, even though he is all big and famous now.. and I was pleased to see that he has released a Christmas song with ‘the nearly as lovely as him’ Alexa Goddard.

The song is available in iTunes and it would be really cool if you could support it as all proceeds are going to breast cancer care.  This would be a vast improvement over most Christmases when the charity is Simon Cowells back-pocket.

Give the song a listen or break out your virtual kazoo’s and join in..

Let me pitch something to you…

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I have been busy again, and this time I am close to releasing IMOGEN a polyphonic (or monophonic) pitch shifting plugin, which control in real time with midi info from your keyboard or sequencer.

The effect it creates sounds quite retro, putting me in mind of the early eventide pitch shifters.. but of course with careful playing you can replicate the autotune effect.. please note though that this is not an autotune plugin and relies on the pitch offsets from the original note that you play on the keyboard.

Best results are acheived with small pitch shifts, larger note shifts creating very obvious munchkin or voice of doom effects..

 I include below some audio examples and I will endevour to video a demo to include on the youtube site.

I hope to release this in the next few weeks and the sad news is this will not be a free plugin, however the good news is that it will cost less than £10.00, exact price tbc.

Audio Demo 1 Madrigal before Imogenizing 
Audo Demo 2  Madrigal after Imogenizing

Audio Demo 3 Drums before Imogenizing 
Audio Demo 4 Drums After Imogenizing

.. and now a plea for help.. The way that this works will, change from host to host due to its need to ‘side-chain’ midi info into an effect.. I have a few hosts to try this in but obviously I want to make sure that I can provide instructions for all hosts, any willing volunteers that are prepared to document for their hosts will receive  a free early copy. email me at the usual places if you are interested..