R.I.P. Its official!

I have already mentioned it but now I can confirm that fans of Krakli can look forward to the release of a Computer Music exclusive in their freeware special which will be released in the UK in October. Hopefully you have already checked out the CMSpecial_Himalaya_demo in the previous post but now here is a screen grab and further details organised by the nice folk at Computer Music magazine:

R.I.P. will be featured as part of a collection of 99 amazing free-plug ins for music producers, as selected by Computer Music magazine. The collection – containing 99 effects, synths, other instruments, utilities and more – will be issued with Computer Music Special 44, which also includes a complete guide to all the featured plug-ins, plus step-by-step tutorials. The magazine/DVD will be available from 20 October in the UK, with worldwide distribution to follow.
For more information –
web: www.computermusic.co.uk

3 Responses to “R.I.P. Its official!”

  1. I would like to see video footage of the latest update of R.I.P
    would be great to see it at its work pls.

    How would i go about getting a freeware download??

    • I will be doing a video of R. I .P. sometime soon … not sure what you mean about a freeware download, if you are referring to R.I.P. it will be available as mag-ware i.e. included as one of the instruments on a cover dvd with an October Computer music mag. freeware special.

  2. kool look fwd to seeing and hearing that soon.

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