Let me pitch something to you…

I have been busy again, and this time I am close to releasing IMOGEN a polyphonic (or monophonic) pitch shifting plugin, which control in real time with midi info from your keyboard or sequencer.

The effect it creates sounds quite retro, putting me in mind of the early eventide pitch shifters.. but of course with careful playing you can replicate the autotune effect.. please note though that this is not an autotune plugin and relies on the pitch offsets from the original note that you play on the keyboard.

Best results are acheived with small pitch shifts, larger note shifts creating very obvious munchkin or voice of doom effects..

 I include below some audio examples and I will endevour to video a demo to include on the youtube site.

I hope to release this in the next few weeks and the sad news is this will not be a free plugin, however the good news is that it will cost less than £10.00, exact price tbc.

Audio Demo 1 Madrigal before Imogenizing 
Audo Demo 2  Madrigal after Imogenizing

Audio Demo 3 Drums before Imogenizing 
Audio Demo 4 Drums After Imogenizing

.. and now a plea for help.. The way that this works will, change from host to host due to its need to ‘side-chain’ midi info into an effect.. I have a few hosts to try this in but obviously I want to make sure that I can provide instructions for all hosts, any willing volunteers that are prepared to document for their hosts will receive  a free early copy. email me at the usual places if you are interested..

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