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KVR OSC Gargoyle Comp… time to vote..!

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The voting has now been opened for the Gargoyle One synth Challenge contest at KvRaudio. There are 12 great tracks to review and vote for so please support the hard work of the composers who have managed to coax some great sounds out of the little green beastie.

Rather than me posting links to the tracks here please vist this thread on KvR’s website where you will be able to follow the links to all of the contest entries.

Now I  just need to get my finger out with Gargoyle2..


Gargoyle2 Audio snippet

Posted in krakli on October 24, 2009 by krakli promised, here is a quick snippet of Gargoyle2, more to follow.

Gargoyle2 Audio 1

Gargoyle2… but it will be up to the contest winner!

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I previously mentioned that i will be creating an update to Gargoyle as a consequence of it being used in the KvRaudio OSC competition (One Synth Challenge).

True to my word I do have a working version of Gargoyle2 which has a whole modulation section Galled G (after Gargoyle of course) but.. whether it will be released to the masses will be decided by the contest winner. i.e. initially it will be an exclusive to him or her and then they will decide if I put it up on the free synths page.. I will include some sound examples shortly but, suffice to say,  it strives to be even more un-musical than Gargoyle 1




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I have just posted a rendering of the espagnol Midi file using 4 RMXLs on Youtube.

This was using the Spaneesh patch which is part of the default patchbank..


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Over at KvRaudio they run a regular monthly competition called the One Synth Challenge, in which a song has to be constructed using one or more instances of a single instrument plugin. As OSC9  has taken halloween as its theme they have chosen to pick Gargoyle as their weapon of choice this month.

I think that they may really struggle with this, Gargoyle is designed as a sound generator pure and simple and it will resist most attempts to wring anything musical out of it so I wish them all the best of luck and I will keep you updated with progress as they go along.

Also I have offered some prizes as a thankyou for considering Krakli plugins. the winner will receive a version of gargoyle with his name or picture on the GUI, they can then choose to keep it to themselves or, if they prefer, can ask me to distribute the personalised version via the Krakli web-site. I will also create a version 2 of Gargoyle and try to coincide the release of that with the competition closure. Again the winner will have the choice to keep that as an exclusive to them or release it generally.

This should be interesting and as mentioned I will hope to be pleasantly suprised by the sounds that the KvRers manage to extract from this long-in-the-tooth plugin.

RMP2 is Missing…!

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