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More good news for RMP2 users

Posted in krakli, music, vsti with tags , , , , on April 26, 2010 by krakli

The rather wonderful Dimitri Schkoda has forwarded me another full 128 preset bank for RMP2. (this brings the total number of presets for RMP2 up to 512).

I have added this third bank of presets to the RMP2 zip file in the download location¬† but I have also included a separate link here so that you don’t need to download the whole thing again.

Thanks are due again to Dimitri. Once again these sounds are animated and super lush and all RMP2 users really should download these and add them to their preset collection..


Yet More RMP2 patches..!

Posted in krakli on April 16, 2010 by krakli

Good news for RMP2 owners Dimitri Schkoda has sent me another 48 patches to add to those already included..

Find them here!

Many thanks to Dimitri again who continues to suprise me with Patch banks on a regular basis!!

Little Bonus for Donators

Posted in krakli on April 12, 2010 by krakli

As a little sign of thanks to those who have previously donated I have added a new synth Harm to the download page that they previously used to get RMP2 and S3O..
Harm is an unusual synth capable of delivering peircing sound fx and crushing bass sounds..

I know that some of you may have changed email adresses in the interim (or perhaps I recorded them incorrectly!) so if you feel you should have received the email from me but didn’t, contact me at the usual address letting me know which email you originally used and I will see if I can match it up with my records..

Many thanks again for your continuing support