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Silvio Ecomo & That Synth!!

Posted in krakli, music, vsti with tags , , , , , on October 19, 2010 by krakli

Highly regarded producer and recording artist Silvio Ecomo recently got in touch with Krakli towers expressing his desire to have an early release version of R.I.P. the CM freeware special synth which is due to be released in just a few days time.. Both Krakli and CM magazine were pleased to help out and Silvio duly received an early release of the CM special including the blue beast R.I.P.

Silvio at Work With RIPDespite only having a few days to work with it Silvio was kind enough to write a quick review:

CM has put together a great collection of free plug-ins once again. I’m very exited about the soundshaping abilities of RIP, it has much to offer once you get under the hood of it. I’m not a arpeggiator person (although RIP has a great arpeggiator). I personally like to stack it’s two synth engines to construct a fat electro sound and use the filters and drive to bring out nasty harmonics. After that i start working the effects. Love the reverbs, good quality! The envelopes are really tight and allow me to make the sounds nice and punchy, or sweeping long and opening up.

To escape from using the popular and commercial synths currently on the market many times I find myself searching for hidden gems. Ian (Krakli) has done a great job making one here. At the moment I’m working on new releases for Silvio Ecomo and tracks for DJ Chuckie’s upcoming album and I’m definitely going to use RIP for some bass and lead sounds.

It was great to hear that R.I.P. was so well received, any fans of S3K will find much to make them smile in this soon-to-be-released plug. I am really excited to hear Silvio’s work on the up-coming DJ Chuckie album, also.

I will leave it up to you to investigate further the work of Silvo Ecomo, but his discography reads like a who’s who of established recording artists.

You can visit Silvio at his website:

Silvio Ecomo

You can also read more about this review at the CM blog:

or if you want you can order a copy of the freeware special here: