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Update on CM special

Posted in krakli on June 20, 2008 by krakli

I have received my copy of the CM freeware special. Hopefully it is available in the shops as well. Just an update that the Morphiza plug did not find its way into the issue, I apologise if I misled anybody. However, Morphiza is still available on the Free Synths page, anyway, so it is farly easy for you to find if you are looking for it.

I was quite pleased with the coverage that the mag gave Krakli plugs, with coverage of S3, StringZ2 and RichmanCM. In the article the impending release of further S3 derivatives were mentioned and I am Sure you are all aware we currently have S3B, S3K and S3O available.

Please Note

I have discovered that if you create an FLStudio project with S3Ks and subsequently overwrite the S3K.dll with the sequencer-less free version, FLStudio cannot load up the project. Considering that the Sequencer on the S3Ks version is the only difference i will probably be dropping S3Ks from the donation pack, but I won’t be doing this until I have a replacement. Keep your eyes peeled, therfore, for a change to the donation pack in the near future.


Computer Music special 18th June

Posted in krakli on June 16, 2008 by krakli

I have just been sent official details of the CM freeware special


This will be available in UK bookshops from the 18th of June, One week later in Europe, 4 weeks later in North America and 6 weeks later in Australia.

As the cover suggests there are a whole host of the best freeware plugs and tools included on the cover DVD and, perhaps more importantly for some users, tutorials and reviews of all the featured plugs.

Unless the editorial has changed expect to see mention of S3, StringZ2 and Morphiza within its pages, plus a small interview with yours truly.

And don’t forget that the issue and disk will include RichmanCM

I am confident that this is the best Richman version released to date, significant in that each of its two sound generating modules are independent of each other regards Mono mode, portamento etc.
This version also has envelope control of the pre-filter, plus an extra delay control on envelope two. This last feature alone vastly improves RichmanCM’s ability to reproduce acoustic plucked and struck tones.

Further changes were made to the internals to enable RichmanCM to produce more satisfying Pad and Synth tones.

Himalaya produced the patches for this one and a control walkthrough should be included in the zip file, finally each control reveals its CC map no. when you hover over it.

Again, unless plans have changed, Scot Solida will be doing a tutorial for this instrument within the pages of the special.

I am looking forward to the release of this mag, partly because of my participation, but also for a look at all the other plugs and tools that will be included.

Krakli Cygnus mentioned in SOS Pendulum interview..

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Big thanks go out to Alistair Logie who made me aware of a mention for my Cygnus synth in an interview with Pendulum in the latest issue of Sound on Sound Magazine

I use a lot of weird little freeware sh*t. [Krakli Software’s] Cygnus is the best thing ever for spacey pads. It’s like Absynth but just made for those sort of sounds in the background.

Only a small mention in a much larger  article but I am always overjoyed to hear of musicians using my plugs. Now I need to rush out and buy a Pendulum CD to see if I can hear Cygnus buried in the mix 🙂

My new best friends….

Posted in krakli on June 13, 2008 by krakli

I was really pleased and suprised to see that included a really nice section on Krakli plugs in their latest SonicTalk podcast. Very many thanks to Nick, Mark and Dave for the coverage. This comes in the same couple of weeks as what, I am led to believe, will be a nice little piece in the Computer Music Mag Freeware Special.

A couple of questions were raised in the podcast, and I will attempt to answer them here:

Firstly the guys wanted to know if there was any chance of ports to the Mac. – Well, I am sure that a lot of you will already know Krakli plugs are created using the excellent SynthEdit, which is limited to only being able to create PC plugs. TBH I have neither the skill nor the patience to hand-code plugins in a lower level language, and I also feel that the quick and easy way of creating plugs suits the vst ‘market’ which, in my opinion, can be very transient.

The other question was why I give the majority of the plug-ins away for free. – This whole thing started out as a bit of a hobby and even now I have the luxury of being able to drift in and out of spending time creating plugs. For me I am far happier building up a community of Krakli fans than having a paying user-base that need keeping happy.
Also the current version of SynthEdit has some problems with certain hosts and platforms that would give me pause as regards selling the plugs for significant sums of money.

Don’t forget if you do want to show your appreciation you can always donate to Krakli using the donation link on the right hand side of the web page.

In the meantime go and take a listen to the podcast, whilt I sit here and blush. 

How to get S3O and S3Ks

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OK, I am going to try something new here. I have copies of S3O and S3K with a little fun sequencer attached available to all those that use the Donation button on the bottom right of the Krakli web pages.

Please note that you can donate as little or as much as you like and still be eligible for the plugins

Please be aware that S3O is largely the same as CMorg that was previously only available in Computer Music magazine but it does have a few new wrinkles, namely:

  • A choice of waveforms for the upper drawbar rank
  • A VCF with attack decay and sustain controls
  • The addition of a phazor (from the S3)

This version also increases the preset count to 64 so you have a selection of presets showing off the new features.

The S3Ks is identical sonically to S3K but has a step sequencer added at the bottom with a piano-roll step entry method and a series of sliders controlling velocity and gate-length. In all honesty most of today’s modern hosts have sequencers which will perform far better than this, but it is really intended as a bit of fun. Caution this version will overwrite your existing S3K but actually as it is identical with the sequencer turned off that is not too much of a problem.

Making certain plugs available by virtue of a donation is a new departure for me so please bear with me if it is not as slick a delivery method as I would like.