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Cleaning out the Attic.!

Posted in krakli on June 24, 2009 by krakli

Two posts in one day, unheard of!

Anyways, I was scouting through an old hard drive and came across some of my old tunes, some dating from before the days that I was creating Krakli plugs and I thought that it might prove worthwhile posting them on the blog, so here goes:


This was created prior to Krakli as a plugin creator and if memory serves me correctly would have been created using FLStudio plugs plus a few freebies.

Cant Get you outa this Mix
The Kylie song remixed, Keen eared amongst you will spot Effem in there plus a number of other Krakli synths. Isol8or was used to strip vocals in and out of the original.


Quite an early track, using all FLStudio plugs and back in the day when I was using samples a lot more than I do now.

Sweet Dreams are Mixed like this

This was in a period when I was using Acid-Pro a lot, this remix is created from the original cut up into Acid loops and treated with effects. I have a few remixes like this, I wont bore you with them all.

OK if these are interesting in any way let me know and I will post some more, or perhaps turn this into a page containing my musical meanderings.


All the right Synths, but not necessarily in the right order ..!

Posted in krakli on June 24, 2009 by krakli

Those of you that have noticed the date on my last posting might have been wondering where I had disappeared to, especially considering the ‘coming soon’ types of announcements regarding RGB4 etc.

Well, I don’t really have much of an excuse other than to say that real life has been getting in the way of late, with too many distractions in other areas.

But I am posting today, and I am sure that you are all expecting me to announce the release of RGB4 but I have another surprise up my sleeve.

Somebody emailed me yesterday asking where they could get hold of RichmanCM. Now I’m not sure if Future Publishing still offer the magazine that carried it on back-issue or not, but it occurred to me that RichmanCM was the very best of the Richman instruments and that the vast majority of Krakli fans were still making do with Richman2.

So.. if you check on the free synths page now you should find RMXL
which is to all intents and purposes a re-clothed RichmanCM. It contains the exact same architecture and the fine set of presets that were included in the original.

So where is RGB4, I hear you ask. well it was pushed out to some volunteers for patching a while back but except for a couple of exceptions it appears to be beating most of them. I am not sure if its due to its odd structure or the fact that it is too easy to fall into creating a certain narrow band of sounds with it. In all humility my own patching attempts have been quite successful, as I seem to ‘get’ the instrument, but I can be slow at turning out presets so that is the the delay.

It didn’t help in the meantime that I worked on an update to V-box-X, which will also get released at some time. I have always liked the sound of the Angelina synth and wanted to create something similar, so taking the legacy Krakli plug, V-Box-X and mixing it up with the S3 synths I have come up with something that I am pleased with, all that remains is the re-skin the beast and release it to you (It can use most of the original V-Box-X patches tweaked to take advantage of the new features.)

So there you go, I haven’t posted for a while but when I do it is quite a lengthy diatribe. In the meantime have fun with RMXL and at some point RGB4 and V-Box-X2 (which I may rename S3V) will appear.