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S3B released on the main Krakli web page..

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I have released S3B incorporating 64 of himalaya’s excellent patches on the Free Synths page at the main Krakli WebSite. I will eventually be bundling this on a donation basis with some of the other members of the S3 family, but for now it is available totally for free. It will be interesting to see how many readers pick up on this, I would imagine that without a post on KvR it will pass everybody by unnoticed..! BTW the reason that this version ‘leap-frogged’ the free S3K is that h is still putting the final touches on the patches for S3K.


Layering Krakli plugs and a free version of S3k imminent

Posted in krakli, music, Uncategorized, vsti with tags , , , , , , on April 10, 2008 by krakli I discussed in a recent post I have been having fun layering the S3 pad synths with the CM special. This video should demonstrate that it is possible to acheive sounds very similar to the ill-fated RMP synth.

Also a free version of S3K should be added to the Krakli website very shortly. This will be a version that is complete except that it does not contain the sequencer panel, however everything else about it will be included, such as the arpegiator, Octaver and Ring-mod controls

CM Special Work Complete

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.. which means that we can turn our attentions again to the S3 series. Himalaya was kind enough to send me this very short demo of one of the CM special presets. It makes use of one or two of the unique features that the plugin supports. Suffice to say that this plugin uses a few of the ideas from Krakli’s ill fated RMP plugin

Extasy Solo Preset

CM Special well on its way

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I was pleased to take possesion of the patches for the CM special from himalaya last night, and they were every bit as good as I have come to expect from him.

Because of editorial timescales, the plug-in won’t be available until June time, and I realise that CM is harder to get outside of the UK, but despite that this looks like being a good one.

 Hopefully once the CM special is put to bed we will be able to concentrate on getting the S3 series finished off. I was experimenting the other night layering  S3B with a plucked string synth and it sounded really really good.