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Very very cool S3K track…

Posted in krakli, music, vsti with tags , , , , , on June 9, 2010 by krakli

I stumbled across this track a week or so ago and contacted Chuck Silva, the creator, when I read that it was composed using mostly Krakli S3K.. further investigation revealed that this was not the artists usual style so it is even more remarkable that he created such an interesting track..

Even if I say so myself I have always enjoyed the way that S3K veers into distortion and this track shows that feature off to good effect.

Please give the track a listen and I recommend that you check out Chucks other works as well.

The track is called Prednizone and you can find it here..

A little quiet from me for a while..

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With some domestic issues that I have and an up-coming holiday I won’t be posting anything for a week or so. So just to tide you over I have knocked together another Bond cover using Krakli synths.

Diamonds are Forever

This one uses a host of RichmanCMs, a couple of S3Ks, an S3, a StringZ2 and for the brass part i am using Rticul8 which is one of my older synths, not available on the website anymore. For whatever reason Rticul8 is, IMO, the best synth that i have done for brass instruments, despite the fact that Rticul8r was conceived as a replacement, it didn’t do brass as well.

 Anyway, enjoy, and hopefully I will come back from my break, refreshed and ready to churn out a few more Krakli plugs..

S3K tutorial on Youtube.. Plus Krakli sells out!!

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As promised i have put a 10 minute tutorial on S3K up in the Krakli channel at youtube..

It goes through the main features and controls.

 Also you may or may not have noticed that I now have a donation link in the sidebar. Please feel free to show your appreciation for all of the krakli plugins released over the years, or not as the case may be. I will be making a version of S3K with a step sequencer available to those who donated, but that will not be for a short while.

S3K audio demo

Posted in krakli, vsti with tags , , , , on May 16, 2008 by krakli

himalaya was kind enough to send me this audio demo of S3K using his presets.. I think that it sounds pretty exciting..

Himalaya’s Presets Demo 1

 and here is another demo with an absolutely amazing patch coming in at the 54second mark..!

Himalaya’s Presets Demo 2

Been a bit quiet lately..

Posted in krakli, music, vsti with tags , , on May 15, 2008 by krakli

.. Sorry, i have been wrapped up in other projects. the good news however is that the Free version of S3K is currently having its presets completed so it should be with us in a reasonably short time, my thanks again are extended to himalaya for all the hard work that he puts into this.

Also, if you have any suggestions for other content that you want included in this web-site then why not post a  comment below, I would really appreciate your views..

The upcoming free version of S3K

Layering Krakli plugs and a free version of S3k imminent

Posted in krakli, music, Uncategorized, vsti with tags , , , , , , on April 10, 2008 by krakli I discussed in a recent post I have been having fun layering the S3 pad synths with the CM special. This video should demonstrate that it is possible to acheive sounds very similar to the ill-fated RMP synth.

Also a free version of S3K should be added to the Krakli website very shortly. This will be a version that is complete except that it does not contain the sequencer panel, however everything else about it will be included, such as the arpegiator, Octaver and Ring-mod controls