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A couple more RGB4 Audio examples..

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Work continues on RGB4. the testers keep coming up with little bits of good ideas so the eagle eyed amongst you will be able to play spot the difference between this screen-grab and the last one posted..

Anyways here are a couple more audio examples for your amusement, in both cases it is the lead instrument (not the pad) being taken by RGB4:

Audio example 2_1

Audio example 2_2


RGB4 Marches on

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Progress is good with RGB4, which is turning into quite an exciting plugin.

Part of the joy of using other users to beta-test these things is that they can come up with some really good ideas. One of the testers suggested to me that the sound was a little too static and so we came up with the idea of the Flux Generator. This will make more sense when I post some video of the thing in action but it basically is a control for sweeping through part or all of the 32 harmonics using various patterns and it does sound very cool, especially when not too heavily applied and in random mode!

RGB4 is quite a hard instrument to describe and will almost certainly need some form of manual or tutorial to prevent much head-scratching on first exposure. It is with testers and patch-writers now and unless some drastic bugs make themselves known it should be released in a matter of weeks. I may consider offering it free or as donation-ware. I am undecided at the moment. I am still uncomfortable charging for SE plugs whilst the Multi-core bug is still a factor.

I have posted a couple of (Rubbish) audio clips just to give you a flavour of the sounds it will produce, quite digital in my opinion.

Audio Clip 1

Audio Clip 2

I will keep you posted of any further developments.

..At least vurt will be pleased

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I am feeling a bit pleased with myself tonight so I had to stay up late to post the news that I have the latest version of RGB .. RGB 4 nearly completed.




The reason that I am pleased is that it has ticked off two things which have been nagging me for a few years now.

  1. That I have wanted to use the RGB name and concept again, but all previous attempts have not had sufficient character.
  2. That I have wanted to do something interesting with an additive/spectral oscillator. Again, previous attempts have always sounded a bit dry.

I hope to be able to post an audio or video demo soon, please keep watching.

(btw. this one may prove to be a bugger to program, any volunteers for patching will be considered email me if interested)