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CM special!… what can I say?

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Its quite a long way off, and I don’t see any point in getting all dressed up with nowhere to go but… here are a few spoilers.

  • It’s finished construction and already has a large number of patches.
  • It’s quite Blue.
  • It employs a similar idea to RMXL where you have two totally independent synths both with their own bend, mono-poly, arpeggio etc.
  • I have used its name once before many, many moons ago.
  • It’s architecture is a superset of an existing Krakli favorite.
  • Did I mention that it’s Blue.
  • The mag isn’t on sale until October so you have a little wait.
  • I will release more teasers and audio demos prior to that though.
  • It’s Blue.
  • It is quite a large GUI probably only usable on a 1024  x 768 screen, but most off you have them anyways don’t you?

So as is my usual way, I will be drip-feeding little bits of information about this in the coming weeks.. in the meantime lets see if  we can guess what the name of this plugin will be, if you remember I said I have used the name before, a long time ago!

RMP2 Details

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RMP2 is now available via the Donate button in the area at the top right of the web page..

RMP2 is a multi-timbral synth consisting of two distinct sections: one using the hybrid FM/Physical Modelling techniques from The Richman series, the other section using the Multi-Oscillators from the S series synth.

RMP2 comes complete with 384 patches contributed from Himalaya and Dimitri Schkoda.

The vast number of presets mean that you can use RMP2 as a preset machine if you are daunted by its un-conventional controls (hey, it is a Krakli Synth!) but you may be suprised at just how easy it is to create new and interesting sounds.

The bottom area of RMP2 allows for independent arpeggiation of each synth section and you can apply a fully variable key split enabling Chords and solo parts to be played at the same time. Features like this mean that RMP2 can be used as a rewarding live players instrument.

Himalaya has prepared a terrific audio demo which demonstrates some of the Sonic potential of RMP2:

Himalaya’s terrific RMP2 Audio Demo

Please consider that all the sounds that you hear on the demo were created with a single instance of RMP2 played in real-time..

To further encourage you to donate the zip file also contains S3O. this is best described as a power-organ emulator, not especially designed to deliver Hammond Organ tones, S3O will also deliver thundering church organs and Cheesy transistor sounds. S3O is a reworking of  a plugin previously only available in Computer Music magazine. This version, however, is much expanded and has a much greater tonal range.

If you do decide to donate to Krakli you will be taken to a web page where you can download the zip file containing RMP2, all of its patches as fxbs and the S3O organ plugin.

You are free to donate an amount of your own choosing, but please consider that donations of less than £5.00 can prove uneconomical to process via paypal.

A couple more RGB4 Audio examples..

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Work continues on RGB4. the testers keep coming up with little bits of good ideas so the eagle eyed amongst you will be able to play spot the difference between this screen-grab and the last one posted..

Anyways here are a couple more audio examples for your amusement, in both cases it is the lead instrument (not the pad) being taken by RGB4:

Audio example 2_1

Audio example 2_2

RGB4 Marches on

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Progress is good with RGB4, which is turning into quite an exciting plugin.

Part of the joy of using other users to beta-test these things is that they can come up with some really good ideas. One of the testers suggested to me that the sound was a little too static and so we came up with the idea of the Flux Generator. This will make more sense when I post some video of the thing in action but it basically is a control for sweeping through part or all of the 32 harmonics using various patterns and it does sound very cool, especially when not too heavily applied and in random mode!

RGB4 is quite a hard instrument to describe and will almost certainly need some form of manual or tutorial to prevent much head-scratching on first exposure. It is with testers and patch-writers now and unless some drastic bugs make themselves known it should be released in a matter of weeks. I may consider offering it free or as donation-ware. I am undecided at the moment. I am still uncomfortable charging for SE plugs whilst the Multi-core bug is still a factor.

I have posted a couple of (Rubbish) audio clips just to give you a flavour of the sounds it will produce, quite digital in my opinion.

Audio Clip 1

Audio Clip 2

I will keep you posted of any further developments.

STRATA added after short(ish) delay

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After a longer delay than I would have hoped for I have added STRATA to the free synths page


Unfortunately I was unable to spend much time on creating presets so it is released with a paltry 20 slots filled but, of course, if any of you fine folk are inspired to create some presets then please feel free to email them to me and I will include them in the release, going forwards.

STRATA is a faily low-key release and it is not one of the most flexible sounding synths I have done but it will be of interest to those that prefer the ‘weirder’ Krakli stuff.

A little quiet from me for a while..

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With some domestic issues that I have and an up-coming holiday I won’t be posting anything for a week or so. So just to tide you over I have knocked together another Bond cover using Krakli synths.

Diamonds are Forever

This one uses a host of RichmanCMs, a couple of S3Ks, an S3, a StringZ2 and for the brass part i am using Rticul8 which is one of my older synths, not available on the website anymore. For whatever reason Rticul8 is, IMO, the best synth that i have done for brass instruments, despite the fact that Rticul8r was conceived as a replacement, it didn’t do brass as well.

 Anyway, enjoy, and hopefully I will come back from my break, refreshed and ready to churn out a few more Krakli plugs..

RichmanCM demo

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Here is a video showing RichmanCM, with a little help from S3 and S3B, playing an old favourite:

Another “S” around the corner..

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S3O demo

More details about the CM freeware Special..

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The following is lifted straight from the latest issue of Computer Music magazine:

The Great Plug-in Giveaway.

Get your hands on over 100 of todays best instruments and effects plugins, sequencers and other music-making essentials with our forthcoming Computer Music Special: The best free plug-ins ever!
We’ve spent months hunting down and testing the best the freeware scene has to offer to bring you this definitive, brand-new collection of studio tools. They are all on the included disc, and inside the mgazine you will find accompying tutorials and reviews plus a massive guide for total beginners showing you how to make a complete track from start to finish entirely in freeware.

So don’t waste your time trawling the net and sorting the useful freeware from the thousands of apps on offer – just grab CM special Vol 30 and get on with making music!

Out in the UK from June 18th, Europe from June 25th and North America form July 16th.

As mentioned Krakli features once or twice in the Mag and here is a (sensible) Screen-grab of the Specially commisioned plugin that will be featured.

Richman CM special

This version has some special features including the fact that each sound generating ‘line’ is totally independent meaning that they can have their own portamento, Glide or Mono/poly settings. Some of Himalaya’s patches show the mixed Mono & poly mode off to a very good advantage. Other changes include Envelope modulation of the pre-filters and a much wider tuning range for line two. The Magazine should contain a full blown tutorial on using Richman CM and I have also prepared a PDF users guide which may be included in the zip file. I will be adding a tutorial to my Youtube channel also

Small example of CM special caught on tape..!

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Our spies were monitoring CM headquarters with their short-wave equipment when they stumbled upon this brief sound clip..

Audio surveilance tape CM May 08

Experts believe that it may be a short example of the Krakli plugin destined for the June CM freeware special. We feel we are getting very close to the truth now!!