Revenge of the Marmite Synth..!

For those that follow proceedings on KvRAudio you will know that once again a Krakli Synth has been the subject of an OSC (One Synth Challenge) competition. For those that don’t know the OSC sets participants the  challenge of using a single synth as the sole source of sounds for a musical track.  For OSC 15 they chose a pretty hard nut to crack in the shape of StringZ2, a synth which has both friends and enemies, mainly due to it having a very specific tonal quality and also being a bit of a pig to control!

Suffice to say that all of the contributors managed to coax some sensational tracks out of the thing, and after voting a clear winner emerged: Yeager, whose track Overture from a Marmite Field took the the top spot.

 Yeager was kind enough to give permission for me to host his track on this site and I include it below and encourage all of you to check it out. It really is a sensational piece. As far as the remainder of the tracks entered, it is my understanding that and e-album will be made available in the fullness of time and I will link to that when it is released.

 In the mean time sit back, relax and take a stroll through the Marmite field!!


Here is some details from Yeager explaining how he created the track:

12 x StringZ2.

Track Fx :

1 x Jb Omniverb
3 x ReaComp

Some trackEQ, no automation.

Master Fx :

1 x EpicVerb
1 x FerricTDS
1 x Tls Maximizer.


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