More RMXL patches from Dimitri

I was overjoyed today to receive an email , out of the blue, from Dimitri Schkoda with another patch bank for RMXL.  Apparently according to his email he has a problem..


My problem is very simple….When I play with RMXL, I want to create new sounds…

And when I work on sounds, I always want to play….

No matter, RMXL is really too fun !!!!

Here you will find another little bank for all the RMXL lovers !!!!  INCREDIBLE  SYNTH !!!!


All I can say is I hope that Dimitri has lots more problems if it means that we get lots more patch banks..


 You can download the new patch bank here


2 Responses to “More RMXL patches from Dimitri”

  1. Great synth! Great patches!
    I wish I will be able to dload more synthes here šŸ™‚
    People wants more synthes! šŸ˜€

  2. espero plugin

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