RMP2 .. Now with added dangly bits!!

I am, of course, very grateful for anybody that carries news about Krakli plugs but I did have to chuckle at the copy carried by a certain vst site. It looks as if they were taking the feed from KvR but I can only imagine that it has been passed into a foreign language first and then back into english:

The KVR copy:

The bottom area of RMP2 allows for independent arpeggiation of each synth section and you can apply a fully variable key split enabling Chords and solo parts to be played at the same time.

The ‘Other sites’ copy:

The basal breadth of RMP2 allows for absolute arpeggiation of anniversary synth breadth and you can administer a absolutely capricious key breach enabling Chords and abandoned genitalia to be played at the aforementioned time.

I have heard people saying that certain synths have a ballsy sound but this is obviously proof of that in action!!


2 Responses to “RMP2 .. Now with added dangly bits!!”

  1. how do i get this vst plugin? i could really use this!!!

  2. Just checking you out. I’m actually looking for realistic (or actual sampled) VST plug0in string sounds. Ran across your site from Audiomastermind. What a mess trying to find VSTs. The last run-in with a free one gave me a headache of viruses.

    Hoping for good things from your site.


    Dr. F.R. Lezica

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