The stuff wot is going on….

I thought it might be useful to take a breath and mention what is happening in the world of Krakli at the moment, and also set a little bit of a puzzle!
Firstly I had previously posted Morhiza2

 which you can find on the Free Synths page. TBH this is absolutely a re-coloured version of a plug-in that was previously part of a magazine special. I release it now as the magazine has moved on and also because some interest was shown in transistor organ plugins.

Next up is the activity around RMXL: As you can see in the previous posting Dimitri has been kind enough to provide 2 new banks of 128 sounds for RMXL. In my opinion there are some real gems within the banks, and they really add to the fantastic work done by himalaya.

Also I have gone on a bit of a detour and to all extents completed RMP2

You may recall that I said that the S series and later RM series synths were born out of some of the ideas in the original RMP. RMP2 has effectively come full circle, and what we have here is one half of RMXL combined with the S3 synth. However each synth can be thought of as an independent instrument each with its own arpeggiator and FX section. You can zone the range of the instrument with the keysplit control at the bottom.
Certainly this version acheives the flavour of the original but because it is much simpler (without all of the GUI customisation features of the original) it is running without a hitch.
Due to the fact that it still carries the SE multi-core bug I won’t comfortable selling this at a fixed price, but I may look into offering it as Donationware, possibly replacing S3Ks in the bundle that is currently offered.

… And finally the puzzle.

As you are most likely aware there is quite a number of synths available on the Free Synths page. Some of these have been there for a while, others are much newer.  Now, I can track the downloads of these and I sometimes take a look at what is being downloaded on a daily basis. This normally shows a bias towards whatever the ‘newest’ or most poular things are, so for example, atm RMXL and Morphiza2 are getting lots of downloads, but Cygnus is always high up in the numbers. However just recently I have noticed one of my more ancient plug-ins is nestling in amongst the top 5.. and the question is, can you guess which one is getting all of the interest at the moment. The answer may suprise you!


2 Responses to “The stuff wot is going on….”

  1. FL3A – The first thing that worked for me as an imported VST (I started with a VST 1 only DAW) and has an amazing ability to knock up odd bass lines. That’s my ha’pennys worth anyway…

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