RMXL – 384 and counting!!!!

Dimitri Schkoda has done it again..

A further bank of 128 presets dropped into my inbox this morning. Including the 128 originals from himalaya, this now means that there are 384 RMXL presets to choose from. Dimitri was kind enough to say:

Ok ! I definitively love this beast !!!
These soundbanks are made to tell that each preset can become a whole story in itself !

I have added here the links to this new bank and also the previous bank that Dimitri provided:

Dimitri Bank 1

Dimitri Bank 2

Plus as a further bit of RMXL news. K-Bee discovered RMXL enquiring about free physical modelling synths on KVR. Trying RMXL out upon recommendation he came up with this very nice little track:


K-Bee said that RMXL inspired him to produce music that was different from his normal stuff. In this case he was using 3 instances of RMXL and he has suggested that he will now go on to use RMXL in further creations. Apparently he has also just discovered StringZ2 but he has said that he is finding that one a little harder to tame !!!

I am really encouraged to see all the interest that RMXL is causing in certain quarters. The RM type of instruments remain my personal favorites and it is great to see others enjoying them.

Speaking of RM? …

 This youtube clip shows that I am busy working on RMP2. A version of RMP that will definitely make it to the web-site this time.  I have adopted a more realistic approach as to what can be acheived and yet this version has most of the major features of the original RMP. It is early days yet but I will most likely make this one donation-ware, perhaps with a minimum donation amount so that I don’t get stung for paypal charges.


2 Responses to “RMXL – 384 and counting!!!!”

  1. Thanks for putting up my “Kraklified” track Ian. Sounds good and I’m still very inspired by RMXL but definetely digging deeper into the other synths on display here as well.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you guys. I always wanted to add effects and synthesis to my musical compositions. Krakli and Reaper have been a perfect marriage. You guys are awesome and I appreciate it.

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