Cleaning out the Attic.!

Two posts in one day, unheard of!

Anyways, I was scouting through an old hard drive and came across some of my old tunes, some dating from before the days that I was creating Krakli plugs and I thought that it might prove worthwhile posting them on the blog, so here goes:


This was created prior to Krakli as a plugin creator and if memory serves me correctly would have been created using FLStudio plugs plus a few freebies.

Cant Get you outa this Mix
The Kylie song remixed, Keen eared amongst you will spot Effem in there plus a number of other Krakli synths. Isol8or was used to strip vocals in and out of the original.


Quite an early track, using all FLStudio plugs and back in the day when I was using samples a lot more than I do now.

Sweet Dreams are Mixed like this

This was in a period when I was using Acid-Pro a lot, this remix is created from the original cut up into Acid loops and treated with effects. I have a few remixes like this, I wont bore you with them all.

OK if these are interesting in any way let me know and I will post some more, or perhaps turn this into a page containing my musical meanderings.


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