STRATA added after short(ish) delay

After a longer delay than I would have hoped for I have added STRATA to the free synths page


Unfortunately I was unable to spend much time on creating presets so it is released with a paltry 20 slots filled but, of course, if any of you fine folk are inspired to create some presets then please feel free to email them to me and I will include them in the release, going forwards.

STRATA is a faily low-key release and it is not one of the most flexible sounding synths I have done but it will be of interest to those that prefer the ‘weirder’ Krakli stuff.


6 Responses to “STRATA added after short(ish) delay”

  1. Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Strata / Krakli – finaly released Krakli’s Additive Synth…

    Long awaited Krakli’s new plugin “STRATA” was finaly released on January 20, 2009. from Krakli’s blog on 2009-01-20 “STRATA added after short(ish) delay « Krakli’s Blog” Gersic DB #2108 “GERSIC.COM free audio plugin database…

  3. DelonHopy Says:

    STRATA Will always crash on Fruity Loops 8 for me.
    Please fix this error.

  4. Hello, The first release of FL8 did struggle with a number of SE plugins. If you download the latest release you should find that it runs Strata fine (FL8 is my main host).

    Also remember that all SE plugs will crash multi-core processors if you attempt to run more than one instance of each plugin. You can work around this by copying and renaming the .dlls and choosing those for subsequent instances.

  5. Thank you so much that I had the answer to my question.

  6. morales Says:


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