Update on CM special

I have received my copy of the CM freeware special. Hopefully it is available in the shops as well. Just an update that the Morphiza plug did not find its way into the issue, I apologise if I misled anybody. However, Morphiza is still available on the Free Synths page, anyway, so it is farly easy for you to find if you are looking for it.

I was quite pleased with the coverage that the mag gave Krakli plugs, with coverage of S3, StringZ2 and RichmanCM. In the article the impending release of further S3 derivatives were mentioned and I am Sure you are all aware we currently have S3B, S3K and S3O available.

Please Note

I have discovered that if you create an FLStudio project with S3Ks and subsequently overwrite the S3K.dll with the sequencer-less free version, FLStudio cannot load up the project. Considering that the Sequencer on the S3Ks version is the only difference i will probably be dropping S3Ks from the donation pack, but I won’t be doing this until I have a replacement. Keep your eyes peeled, therfore, for a change to the donation pack in the near future.


5 Responses to “Update on CM special”

  1. good CM special

  2. Hi, I got the magazine and I’m glad I did. Because of it I found out about your instruments. I’m using them in FL Studio and FL Studio got really buggy today, I think the problem might be that I’m using more than one instance of RichmanCM, but I don’t think it’s that. I’m seeking help from the Image Line tech support but I also wanted to ask you if there’s been problems with this.

  3. I know that the original version of FL8 struggled with some Krakli (and other ) plugs. I believe that the most recent updates have fixed that.
    Other than that RichmanCM should be OK in FLStudio

  4. Thanks for replying so quickly and for providing these great plug-ins. I want you to know I appreciate you and your work and I imagine that a lot of time goes into these.

    Ah. I noticed they updated FL Studio 8 to like 8.0.2 or something like that. I was waiting for it to come out of beta before I downloaded it, but I’ll still wait and see what they say, but I’ll definitely update soon. RichmanCM is capable of a lot of different types of sounds so I didn’t want to be limited to just one instance per project 🙂

    But I’m not sure if multiple instances of RichmanCM was even the problem because FL was getting froze all over the place, though that’s where it started, when there were two RichmanCMs. I just have to remember not to get frustrated, and instead just ask for help when problems happen. I’m sure soon the Image-Line technicians will respond or ask questions, they’ve been very helpful in the past.

  5. Actually it just occurs to me, are you using a core-2 or Quad Core intel chip. There is a known bug with all Synthedit plugins that means that multiple instances of the same plug can cause problems. As an experiment, copy the RichmanCM.dll and rename it to RichmanCM_2.dll and then run one instance of each .dll, and see if you still get issues. A bit of a bodge, I know but we are waiting for an updated release of Synthedit to fix these problems.

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