Computer Music special 18th June

I have just been sent official details of the CM freeware special


This will be available in UK bookshops from the 18th of June, One week later in Europe, 4 weeks later in North America and 6 weeks later in Australia.

As the cover suggests there are a whole host of the best freeware plugs and tools included on the cover DVD and, perhaps more importantly for some users, tutorials and reviews of all the featured plugs.

Unless the editorial has changed expect to see mention of S3, StringZ2 and Morphiza within its pages, plus a small interview with yours truly.

And don’t forget that the issue and disk will include RichmanCM

I am confident that this is the best Richman version released to date, significant in that each of its two sound generating modules are independent of each other regards Mono mode, portamento etc.
This version also has envelope control of the pre-filter, plus an extra delay control on envelope two. This last feature alone vastly improves RichmanCM’s ability to reproduce acoustic plucked and struck tones.

Further changes were made to the internals to enable RichmanCM to produce more satisfying Pad and Synth tones.

Himalaya produced the patches for this one and a control walkthrough should be included in the zip file, finally each control reveals its CC map no. when you hover over it.

Again, unless plans have changed, Scot Solida will be doing a tutorial for this instrument within the pages of the special.

I am looking forward to the release of this mag, partly because of my participation, but also for a look at all the other plugs and tools that will be included.


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  1. thanks.

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