Krakli Cygnus mentioned in SOS Pendulum interview..



Big thanks go out to Alistair Logie who made me aware of a mention for my Cygnus synth in an interview with Pendulum in the latest issue of Sound on Sound Magazine

I use a lot of weird little freeware sh*t. [Krakli Software’s] Cygnus is the best thing ever for spacey pads. It’s like Absynth but just made for those sort of sounds in the background.

Only a small mention in a much larger  article but I am always overjoyed to hear of musicians using my plugs. Now I need to rush out and buy a Pendulum CD to see if I can hear Cygnus buried in the mix 🙂


5 Responses to “Krakli Cygnus mentioned in SOS Pendulum interview..”

  1. good for using goood effect

  2. Says:


  3. Alejandro Alonso Motta Says:

    Thanks for your work . I love your sounds. When I record some with your help I send you (If I can look an adress…)

  4. Alejandro Alonso Motta Says:

    Sorry: I have hope this is an free plug… Like the other beauties at side. Thnks.

  5. I played around with a few of the plugins for an hour and pulled off a lot with em. Great work.

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