My new best friends….

I was really pleased and suprised to see that included a really nice section on Krakli plugs in their latest SonicTalk podcast. Very many thanks to Nick, Mark and Dave for the coverage. This comes in the same couple of weeks as what, I am led to believe, will be a nice little piece in the Computer Music Mag Freeware Special.

A couple of questions were raised in the podcast, and I will attempt to answer them here:

Firstly the guys wanted to know if there was any chance of ports to the Mac. – Well, I am sure that a lot of you will already know Krakli plugs are created using the excellent SynthEdit, which is limited to only being able to create PC plugs. TBH I have neither the skill nor the patience to hand-code plugins in a lower level language, and I also feel that the quick and easy way of creating plugs suits the vst ‘market’ which, in my opinion, can be very transient.

The other question was why I give the majority of the plug-ins away for free. – This whole thing started out as a bit of a hobby and even now I have the luxury of being able to drift in and out of spending time creating plugs. For me I am far happier building up a community of Krakli fans than having a paying user-base that need keeping happy.
Also the current version of SynthEdit has some problems with certain hosts and platforms that would give me pause as regards selling the plugs for significant sums of money.

Don’t forget if you do want to show your appreciation you can always donate to Krakli using the donation link on the right hand side of the web page.

In the meantime go and take a listen to the podcast, whilt I sit here and blush. 


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