How to get S3O and S3Ks

OK, I am going to try something new here. I have copies of S3O and S3K with a little fun sequencer attached available to all those that use the Donation button on the bottom right of the Krakli web pages.

Please note that you can donate as little or as much as you like and still be eligible for the plugins

Please be aware that S3O is largely the same as CMorg that was previously only available in Computer Music magazine but it does have a few new wrinkles, namely:

  • A choice of waveforms for the upper drawbar rank
  • A VCF with attack decay and sustain controls
  • The addition of a phazor (from the S3)

This version also increases the preset count to 64 so you have a selection of presets showing off the new features.

The S3Ks is identical sonically to S3K but has a step sequencer added at the bottom with a piano-roll step entry method and a series of sliders controlling velocity and gate-length. In all honesty most of today’s modern hosts have sequencers which will perform far better than this, but it is really intended as a bit of fun. Caution this version will overwrite your existing S3K but actually as it is identical with the sequencer turned off that is not too much of a problem.

Making certain plugs available by virtue of a donation is a new departure for me so please bear with me if it is not as slick a delivery method as I would like.


11 Responses to “How to get S3O and S3Ks”

  1. […] has released S3O and S3Ks, two VST instruments for Windows […]

  2. hcen agraa Says:

    heloo i dont speak perfektely ingliche i says you tank u


  4. ShinchillorZ Says:

    thanks man!…thanks alot of your effort!

  5. Robomaster Says:

    Hi, is there any other way to get S3O and S3K other than donating? I really enjoy your VSTi synths and use them immensely, and I was a bit sad when I couldn’t get these two synths unless we donate, even if you only have to donate 10 cents. ;-( Anyway, great job!

  6. @ Robomaster: Not really other than by purchasing a copy of Computer Music Mag which will get you a copy of CMorg (Which S3O is based upon)

  7. Robomaster Says:

    Okay, thanks for all your hard work! And are you planning on making any new synths soon? (For free?)

  8. Yes, I am Currently working on a little strange one, under the dev-name of strata

  9. I’m buggin out on how good- sorry ; great your sounds ; S O. U N D! WOW!

  10. Need your synths and the Himilaya sounds- actually all your sounds. Can I pay with a money order?

  11. Hello,

    thank you. The S30 is very good

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