Krakli S3K here at last..


If you click on the free synths link on the right hand side you will find that we have released S3K free. S3K is an attempt to merge retro sounds (the architecture is closely based on the Krakli K700 that was available many years ago) with a modern hard edged sound.

You can find some demo tracks that himalaya created for me, showcasing his presets, in the post below..

I will shortly be uploading a short video tutorial to explain the controls on the Krakli channel at Youtube


3 Responses to “Krakli S3K here at last..”

  1. Christiaan Says:

    Have anyone complained about bugs with s3k free?, I have a lot of crashes in FL studio with vista and this vst.

    • S3K free should be fine in FLStudio, as long as you have image-lines latest version. However as all SE plugs it may struggle to have multiple instances on Multi-core intel processors.

  2. why does it not accept CC ?
    it would be nice to be able to move at least ‘traveller’ levers
    from outside MIDI sliders and from a sequencer track.

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