Why, those pesky kids…

Due to a rather pervasive hack I have had to take down down the Krakli forum at http://www.krakli.co.uk/forum. My apologies to all those that had registered and contributed there in the past but I just got fed up with constantly clearing out all of the spamming cr*p and this final invasion was the last straw.

I sincerely hope that the hacker gets his .00005% return on his casino links and that he goes on to be happy and successful in all that he does..

In the meantime, if you feel that Krakli needs a forum let me know and I will see if I can set one up at KvR.

ooh btw, http://www.krakli.com will also take you to the main Krakli blog as well as the http://www.krakli.co.uk that I have been using up till now.

I have plans to use the Blog as a portal for all of the Krakli content, taking advantage of the ease of use and security that all these modern web services offer.


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