S3 series problems with FLStudio ver 8

I had already noticed, but some users reminded me to mention it. It would appear that the latest version of FLStudio (ver 8 ) is having difficulties with some of the S3 series, S3 and S3B so far. it is my understanding that Image-line are working on a fix, but if they do not sort it in sufficient time, I will see if I can come up with a version that doesn’t crash out. I will keep you posted.

One Response to “S3 series problems with FLStudio ver 8”

  1. i just got very impressed with the sound quality of s3b himalaya presets. being a fl studio user, though, i cant get all its goodness. so, if you come up with a version that runs nice n smooth, it will be awesome.=D

    also i’d like to thank you for cygnus. it’s a really good vsti and has enhanced my songs with a lot.

    Oh, and thank you for your other free vsti’s too! =D


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