Layering Krakli plugs and a free version of S3k imminent I discussed in a recent post I have been having fun layering the S3 pad synths with the CM special. This video should demonstrate that it is possible to acheive sounds very similar to the ill-fated RMP synth.

Also a free version of S3K should be added to the Krakli website very shortly. This will be a version that is complete except that it does not contain the sequencer panel, however everything else about it will be included, such as the arpegiator, Octaver and Ring-mod controls

3 Responses to “Layering Krakli plugs and a free version of S3k imminent”

  1. philippe Says:

    TANK , TANK team developers for fabulous free vst collection . CONGRATULATIONS . PHILIPPE / CHAMPAGNE country / French nation / aube 10 dpt

  2. Joel B Says:

    I’ll fated RMP Synth? What happened to it, the demo sounds great! ?

    – Joel (registered Yava 2 owner)

  3. Thanks, I had some problems which I was not able to sort out sufficiently for a product that i was expecting folks to hand over cash for. I am awaiting a newer version of the Synthedit environment that ‘should’ fix most of the problems.

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